Office Desk

1. Having a desk with a luxurious look is not practical and will create greediness.
2. The ideal height of the desk is 64cm or 85cm.
3. The desk color should match the light in the office.
4. Neither the desk nor the person should sit under a roof beam.
5. The desk should not face a ditch that the water flows away from it.
6. The auspicious location of a desk is where the water, e.g. a river, flows towards it. It symbolizes fortune.
7. Neither side of the desk should face a bathroom door.
8. Do not sit with the back to a bathroom door.
9. Do not sit with the back to a bathroom wall.
10. The desk must not face an entrance door.
11. Do not place the right side of the desk against a wall. Otherwise, the person who sits there will have troubles and be treated with little respect.
12. It is better to place the left side of a desk against a wall and things will go smoothly.
13. Placing a big white paper on the desk will make the person impatient.
14. It is better not to have any movement behind the boss desk. If it does, the boss will often feel uneasy.
15. Avoid having any corner of cabinets or walls point at the front of the desk.
16. Avoid locating the desk under the Buddha statues in the upstairs home shrine.
17. The more movements behind the sales person¡¦s desk, the better fortune for the company.
18. There should not be any movement behind the bookkeeper desk.
19. The tiger side of the desk should be serene and the items placed on this area should be lower than the ones on the dragon side.
20. The telephone and desk lamp should be placed on the dragon side of the desk.