Front Yard

1.1. Keep the front yard clean and neat.
2. There should be some plants and trees to liven up the environment.
3. Avoid overcrowding the yard with flowers and trees as too many of them can create negative chi and humidity in the atmosphere.
4. Keep the drain free of debris so that the water in the drain can flow freely.
5. The ground should not be covered with moss.
6. Avoid having tall trees on the right side of the yard.
7. A flower rack must not be placed on the right side.
8. Do not place big rocks in the center.
9. Do not discard unused stones, sands or wood chips in this area.
10. Do not leave any stone mill or stone mortar in the yard, especially on the tiger side.
11. There should not be any machine or motor placed on the tiger side.
12. An outdoor toilet, storage shed or garage should not be located on the right.
13. Do not build a pond on the right.
14. No big rocks or water jars are on the right.
15. A wooden-made stove should not be put on the right.
16. Avoid having an electric pole on the tiger side.
17. Avoid locating a front gate on the right side.
18. If an electric pole is located in front of the front yard entrance, it can create eyes problems and high blood pressure.
19. Any sharp corner of a nearby building pointing to the front yard entrance is likely to cause arguments, financial losses and high blood pressure.
20. The neighboring building on the right of front yard must not be higher than the one on the left.
21. The front yard entrance should not face directly to a neighbor's column.
22. A protruding corner of a neighbor's building aiming at the entrance implies accidents and injuries.
23. The yard entrance should not face any big old tree.
24. The entrance should not open towards a neighbor's bathroom.
25. If a stream or a ditch flows away from the yard entrance, the residents will suffer financial losses and be in danger.
26. Avoid having a neighboring kitchen exhaust duct facing the entrance.
27. A pile of discarded stones should not be right in the front of the entrance.
28. The front entrance should not face either a neighboring or your own septic tank.
29. Avoid having a straight road leading directly to the entrance.
30. It is bad to locate the yard entrance facing an outward curving street.
31. The entrance must not face an outward curving ditch, river or fence.
32. A neighboring corner should not aim at the entrance.
33. Avoid having a neighbor's staircase facing the entrance.
34. The front entrance must not face any neighbor's water pump or machine.
35. There should not be any machine or pump in a neighbor's factory on the right side of the entrance.
36. The entrance should not face an alley or a fire lane that leads straight or diagonally to it.
37. Do not build a garage on the tiger side of the entrance.
38. Planting cactus or any flowers with thorns in the yard can cause skin problems.
39. Do no leave scrap metals, broken furniture or wood scrap in the yard.
40. Do not have domestic birds, such as chickens or ducks, running inside the front yard. Or else, they not only can make the area dirty but create hazards.