Front Entrances

1. The main entrances of a house refer to the front gate and front door.
2. A front gate should be placed on the dragon side.
3. A front gate might be sited on the tiger side, only when there is sha, negative chi, on the left side.
4. If the water from a river or a drain flows away from the front gate, the residents will suffer financial losses.
5. Please refer to numbers 18 to 37 on article of ˇ§Front Yardˇ¨ for the things you should pay attention to for the arrangement of a front gate.
6. White is the auspicious color for a front gate. Avoid using the colors of black, red and dark blue.
7. The front gate, front door and back door should not be in alignment.
8. Both height and length of front gate and front door should coincide with linear-measure markings of ˇ§Caiˇ¨ or ˇ§Benˇ¨ on the Wen Gong Tape Measure, a traditional Chinese measuring instrument. (Cai and Ben symbolize fortune.)
9. If you use a Wen Gong Measuring Tape to measure the perimeter of a door, you only measure the height and length of a door inside a doorframe.
10. The right size of a door can bring prosperity and good luck to the residents.
11. A front gate should face the direction that allows chi of flowing water to enter easily. Any direction with sha should be avoided.
12. A front gate should be located either on the dragon side of or aligning with a front door.
13. An extremely high front gate is bad because it looks like a jail gate.
14. The ideal height of a front gate is within the range of 197cm to 215cm.
15. A front gate should be sound and solid.
16. It would be better to ask a feng shui consultant to use a compass to determine an auspicious location for the front gate. Or, you may do it by yourself. You simply stand at the front entrance, relax yourself, and let your mind to tell you the best spot for locating the gate. Then, you follow the guidelines provided in this page for the things you should pay attention to.
17. Do not be misled by a feng shui practitioner that the location of front gate should be determined in accordance with a personˇ¦s Chinese astrology.
18. The color of a front door should be soft. Avoid using any dark color of paint, such as black, for the door.
19. Do not hang any picture or scroll on the back of front door.
20. The auspicious colors for the back of front door are white, ivory, silver and wood color.
21. For a front door, any material can do the job. It is the color of paint that does matter here.
22. The location of a front door does not need to match with a personˇ¦s Chinese Astrology.