I. Origin
II. Weixinism propagates Chinese culture and Yi-Ching.
1. Chinese culture is a culture of peace.
2. Yi-Ching is the study of peace.
3. Promotion of Weixinism is important to advancing world peace.
III. Grand Master Huen-Yuan leads Weixinism to develop world peace.
1. Expounding the ideologies of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, and peace. Enhancing inner spiritual radiance.
2. Spreading the seeds of Peace Culture by teaching and lecturing on the orthodox lineage of Chinese culture, Yi-Ching, and Feng Shui.
3. Using religious Dharma to promote universal balance and harmony - particularly between mankind and the transcendence.
4. Initiating TV channels and forums to propagate Dharma, educate on Peace Culture, and promote world peace.
5. Holding forums for cross-Strait cultural communication and dialogue between senior officials. Establishing platforms to enhance peace between Taiwan and Mainland China and amongst the nations of the world.
IV. Grand Master Huen-Yuan leads Weixinism to integrate different nations and ethnic groups.
1. Actively moving toward the source; Promoting Chinese culture; Encouraging ethnic solidarity.
(1) Rectify general misconceptions regarding the study of Yi-Ching and Feng Shui to establish correct ideas;
(2) Honor the contribution of the Three-Great-Chinese-ancestor culture to world peace;
(3) Build temples for the Three Great Chinese Ancestors, solidify the national union, and pray together for cross-Strait and worldwide peace.
(4) Spread Bodhisattva Wang Chan Lao Zu's (鬼谷子) Peace Culture to the world and expand world peace.
(5) Build the City of Eight Trigrams on Yun-Meng Mountain, integrate the differences within Chinese culture, and support the union of the Chinese people.
2. Initiating grand ceremonies of worship for Chinese ancestors and encouraging harmony between different nations and ethnic groups.
V. Conclusion
VI. References
Video of Promoter of world peace(partI)
Video of Promoter of world peace(partII)

V. Conclusion


Grand Master Huen-Yuan, whose secular name is Yi-Rui Zhang, was born into a farming family. His deep cognizance regarding how poor and difficult the life of a farmer is, he developed a good character marked by hard work, diligence, vigor and optimism. He was also very much nourished by Confucianism. He came from a good family, with loving parents and filial children. Siblings had friendship and respect for one another. After he completed his studies, he worked as a land surveyor. This is how he became familiar with the reconciliation of the earth. He founded a company that was involved in urban planning and survey engineering in hopes of helping close the urban-rural gap, promote urban-rural modernization, and laying the groundwork for future social harmony. However, in 1983, he fell seriously ill. This experience inspired his noble ambition. He made a great vow to dedicate his life to world peace and universal harmony. He closed out his secular career and devoted himself to the religious task of propagating Dharma and benefiting people. He founded Weixin Shengjiao, the Holy Weixin Religion. He has spent his life since working on, recognizing, confirming, practicing, and propagating Tao. Over these 28 years, he has been both cautious and conscientious. He has kept up an intense schedule, dedicating himself to attaining his ideals without rest or break. He is an excellent and devoted practitioner of Yi. He is not only a great contributor to the education of Chinese culture but also the helmsman turning the Dharma Wheel toward world peace. The purposes of his schools include raising and cultivating talented people, revitalizing people’s livelihood and conserving virtues, refining ambitions and creating universal harmony, which is the essence of world peace. Through fraternal love, people can treat one another as siblings, which is the essential spirit of Chinese Confucianism and the ultimate goal of Yi-Ching and Feng Shui. It follows a natural harmony and the reconciliation amongst heaven, earth, and universe. Master Huen-Yuan has practiced Tao for nearly three decades to realize world peace. He has promoted and propagated the cause of “World Peace” in different realms, fields, and directions. World peace requires multi-disciplinary cooperation between such disparate areas as the military, diplomacy, economics, culture, education, religion, and environmental protection. Weixin Shengjiao promotes world peace. Its propagation is multi-cultural, multidimensional, and holistic. The following summarizes Master Huen-Yuan’s efforts to propagate Chinese culture for world peace.

(1) He expounds the peaceful path of the “middle-way” and neutrality of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. To enhance the inner radiance of believers’ souls and to develop the innate kind nature and essence within all the livings, he delivers lectures on Buddhist and Zen classics, holds a monthly “One Day Zen Event with a Thousand Buddhas” and daylong chanting sessions to lay a foundation for bringing families into harmony, governing the state, and harmonizing the world.

(2) He inspires universal harmony through the power of religion - including inner harmony and harmony between individuals, between humanity and their surroundings, and between humanity and the transcendence. By holding Dharmic services to meet friends, families, and hearts through Dharma, he enhances and brightens people's spiritual life and their inner world. Moreover, he traces ancestral roots by holding the “Unified Ancestor Worship Ceremony for Chinese in the 21st Century”. This event has been held annually for the past six years and attracts over 36,000 attendees. He reinforces the integration and unification of different ethnic groups and has installed a cornerstone of world peace.

(3) He spreads the seeds of Peace Culture by teaching and lecturing on the orthodox lineage of Chinese culture - Yi-Ching and Feng Shui. His education network has grown to include Yi-Ching University and the College of Advanced Yi-Ching and Feng Shui Studies. Yi-Ching and Feng Shui programs target all levels, including courses for beginners, researchers, teachers in training, graduate students. The students are adults from all walks of life. Moreover, academic programs are promoted overseas. Some 20,000 students are currently enrolled at Yi-Ching University. Furthermore, to anchor Peace Culture and Yi-Ching and Feng Shui studies vacation courses are offered for youth in Taiwan and overseas. Such courses include, “Children’s Yi-Ching reading course,” “Advanced Yi-Ching Xin-Fa Summer course for college youths,” and “Yi-Ching Xin-Fa and Feng Shui research course for talented Chinese worldwide”. Student numbers in the “Children’s Yi-Ching reading course” alone have reached 1,200,000. They will be a formidable force for future world peace.

(4) To expand the influence, recognition, and research of Peace Culture and the Chinese orthodox lineages of Yi-Ching and Feng Shui, the Grand Master founded the Bodhisattva Wang Chan Lao Zu Study Academy in Taiwan and the Nantian Cultural Association. Moreover, he holds academic exchanges, humanitarian lectures, and senior forums in China, Taiwan, and elsewhere around the world. Hundreds of research papers have been presented on the “Three Chinese Great Ancestor Civilization,” “Bodhisattva’s Wang Chan Lao Zu’s Thought,” “The Art of War,” “Architecture in Yi-Ching and Feng Shui,” and “Yi-Ching and Feng Shui in Business Administration and for World Peace.” These papers have been greatly appreciated and affirmed within academic circles. The ideas within are a powerful force for expanding and promoting world peace.

(5) To spread the seeds of world peace more quickly and promote proper Yi-Ching and Feng Shui, the Grand Master has held several hundred lectures on the “Myriad Facets of Yi-Ching and Feng Shui” throughout Taiwan. Lectures have been broadcast overseas as well. Several dozen forums have been held in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Northeast and Southeast Asia, and Mainland China. The Grand Master further established Wei Xin TV and operates an online channel, creating the platform to broadcast 24-hours a day on the Chinese legacies of Yi-Ching and Feng Shui, the Hundred School of Thoughts, and Buddhism. He hosts a daily one-hour program, entitled “Wei Xin World Event”, designed to teach followers how to view world events and about the steps needed to propagate Dharma to enhance universal harmony. Their influences are wide enough to disseminate world peace culture worldwide. The Grand Master’s propagation efforts have supported universal harmony enormously.

(6) Chinese culture is a culture of peace. Yi-Ching and Feng Shui are the study of peace. In addition to sustaining their teachings, we shall conserve them well and pass them onto following generations in order that they may continue to sustain and expand world peace. The Grand Master founded the Wei Xin Yi-Yao Press particularly to publish and preserve works on Yi-Ching and Feng Shui. To date, the Press has published some 1,500 volumes of Compilation of Weixinistic Talismans. Each is a cultural treasure able to educate our Chinese on peace philosophy and establish a sustainable basis for future world peace.

(7) To encourage family unity and social harmony, the Grand Master promotes service-learning courses through Yi-Ching University to enable students to actually apply their studies to help others. This was his motivation for initiating the Yi-Ching and Feng Shui Interest Circle, a group that was later reoriented as the Feng-Shui Interest Circle Service Team. Such has infused community service into the school curriculum and takes studies out of the classroom into a wider social context. The service team has been working worldwide, making great contributions to peace within families, communities, and regions.

(8) In order to enhance the development of peace and rotate Dharma Wheel together, the Grand Master founded the “Taiwan Wei Xin Association for World Peace” as well as other related cultural associations and organizations. In addition to the organizations mentioned above (Yi-Ching University, Children’s Yi-Ching Reading Promotion Center, The Academia of Bodhisattva Wang Chan Lao Zu Study in Taiwan, Nan-Tian Cultural Association, Wei Xin TV, and Yi-Yao Press), he has also founded the Holy Weixin Shengjiao Merit Foundation, Wei Xin College of Buddhist Chants, Wei Xin Zone: The World Taiwanese Businessman Association, and Wei Xin Zone Cultural Communication Co. Ltd. Such further demonstrate Weixin Shengjiao to be a well-organized cultural network. Above all other organizations, the “Taiwan Wei Xin Association for World Peace” works most extensively and actively for merit and charity. It joins all Weixin satellite centers, organizations, and masters together to promote world peace.

(9) On January 3rd, 2010, Grand Master Huen-Yuan held a historically significant high-level forum on “The Contributions to World Peace of the Three Great Chinese Ancestor Civilization, Bodhisattva Wang Chan Lao Zu’s Thought, and The Art of War”. More than 1,000 representatives from Mainland China and Taiwan participated (200 from China alone) participated in this phenomenal event. At the forum, college professors, experts, and scholars were invited to make thematic presentations. Their incisive and brilliant talks earned enthusiastic responses and great appreciation. The forum created further opportunity for Chinese on both sides of the Taiwan Strait to propagate Chinese culture together. A joint Letter of Intent signed at the forum further supports and extends Cross-Strait communication and established a cooperative platform for world peace. It represents a significant contribution to peace. Professor De-Dong Wei from China’s Renmin University participated in this event. After the forum, he wrote an article entitled, “Perceiving Taiwan Folk Society”, which was published in China Ethnic News. In his article, Professor Wei highly praised the approach of Weixin Shengjiao to propagating Confucianism, its advocacy of the Sun Tzu’s Art of War and the Yin-Yang School, and its deference to Bodhisattva Wang Chan Lao Zu as a wise saint and founder of Feng Shui studies. He wrote, “Weixin Shengjiao acclaims the Three Great Ancestor Culture that began some five thousand years ago. It regards the essence of Bodhisattva Wang Chan Lao Zu’s thought as its core belief, integrates the Chinese cultural lineage of Yi-Ching Feng-Shui study and the Hundred Schools of Thought, and applies it to everyday life. This is the way by which Weixin Shengjiao contributes to world peace.”

(10) The Letter of Intent initiated and guided by Grand Master Huen-Yuan with the objective of developing world peace and promoting Chinese culture was signed on October 26th, 2010. The ceremony took place in the City of Eight Trigrams on Yunmeng Mountain in Henan province – the cradle of Bodhisattva Wang Chan Lao Zu culture. Grand Master Huen-Yuan signed the contract and raised the funds to begin building the city in 2001. The Letter was jointly signed by cultural associations related to the Three Great Ancestor culture, Bodhisattva Wang Chan Lao Zu culture, and The Art of War from both China and Taiwan. It launched the unification of different Chinese ethnic groups and the facilitation of Chinese cultural integration. It marked the beginning of true peace in the Taiwan Strait. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, it marked the debut of efforts to co-propagate Chinese culture for the sake of world peace.

In summary, Weixin Shengjiao represents an altruistic religious approach to creating world peace and universal balance. Grand Master Huen-Yuan broadcasts and propagates substantive Peace Culture in a variety of ways. He has lit the guiding star for world peace and, as such, made world peace an achievable goal. His concrete and potential influences over the future course of the world are incredible, measureless and limitless. When the Grand Master founded Weixin Shengjiao, he vowed to see it create world peace and universal balance. Over the past 28 years, he has not rested once from his endeavors. His caring illuminates the entire universe and across all Dharmic realms. His caring is as bright as the sun, as luminous as the moon. He is certainly a role model, showing humanity a practical way forward to world peace. On November 4th, 2009, the Grand Master announced his set of governing principles for the Taiwan Wei Xin Association for World Peace – a guide for the promotion of future world peace. They included the following five prospects:

III. Dharma Realm: unify heavenly and humane wisdoms.

IV. Religious: respect all life.

V. International: propagate messages through the media and information   technology.

VI. Humanistic: educate on moral virtues.

VII. Liberative: instill the essence of Yi-Ching and Feng Shui.

On June 13th, 2010, Master Huen-Yuan remarked at the Wei Xin World Event, “Wei Xin Association for World Peace will stand as a lighthouse illuminating the way to world peace. The five prospects promoted by this Association conclude with the Liberative prospect, which is Yi-Ching and Feng Shui. This is all about the learning and application of Yi. This is the reason why, over the past 28 years, I have been promoting Yi widely throughout society and the world. Adoption of the Yi is good for all of humanity. We have been expounding our Chinese orthodox lineage gradually and steadily. The study of Yi enlightens us. Its study and application will create an ideal homeland for us all … Now, in the 21st century, the lighthouse of future human happiness is embodied in Yi-Ching and Feng Shui …The five prospects of our Association can be likened to five brilliant rays that shine on the five continents with great luminosity. If all parties cooperate and work together, success will happen naturally - as a five-petal flower that opens to bloom.

It is a verifiable truth that Weixin Shengjiao and the Wei Xin Association for World Peace will accomplish the Pure Land on Earth, i.e., the supreme state of true world peace. The Association and its five prospects initiated by Grand Master Huen-Yuan have created a wide path that leads inexorably to world peace and provides a benchmark of true universal harmony. The Weixinistic Grand Master Huen-Yuan propagates Chinese culture and its legacies of Yi-Ching and Feng Shui. His positive and active contributions to world peace have confirmed his positive and exceptional contributions to personal, spiritual, regional and world peace. At this unique moment in time, therefore, we strongly recommend Grand Master Huen-Yuan as a Nobel Peace Prize nominee.