I. Origin
II. Weixinism propagates Chinese culture and Yi-Ching.
1. Chinese culture is a culture of peace.
2. Yi-Ching is the study of peace.
3. Promotion of Weixinism is important to advancing world peace.
III. Grand Master Huen-Yuan leads Weixinism to develop world peace.
1. Expounding the ideologies of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, and peace. Enhancing inner spiritual radiance.
2. Spreading the seeds of Peace Culture by teaching and lecturing on the orthodox lineage of Chinese culture, Yi-Ching, and Feng Shui.
3. Using religious Dharma to promote universal balance and harmony - particularly between mankind and the transcendence.
4. Initiating TV channels and forums to propagate Dharma, educate on Peace Culture, and promote world peace.
5. Holding forums for cross-Strait cultural communication and dialogue between senior officials. Establishing platforms to enhance peace between Taiwan and Mainland China and amongst the nations of the world.
IV. Grand Master Huen-Yuan leads Weixinism to integrate different nations and ethnic groups.
1. Actively moving toward the source; Promoting Chinese culture; Encouraging ethnic solidarity.
(1) Rectify general misconceptions regarding the study of Yi-Ching and Feng Shui to establish correct ideas;
(2) Honor the contribution of the Three-Great-Chinese-ancestor culture to world peace;
(3) Build temples for the Three Great Chinese Ancestors, solidify the national union, and pray together for cross-Strait and worldwide peace.
(4) Spread Bodhisattva Wang Chan Lao Zu's (鬼谷子) Peace Culture to the world and expand world peace.
(5) Build the City of Eight Trigrams on Yun-Meng Mountain, integrate the differences within Chinese culture, and support the union of the Chinese people.
2. Initiating grand ceremonies of worship for Chinese ancestors and encouraging harmony between different nations and ethnic groups.
V. Conclusion
VI. References
Video of Promoter of world peace(partI)
Video of Promoter of world peace(partII)

(2). Honoring the contribution of the Three-Great-Chinese-Ancestor Culture to develop world peace.


The Three Great Chinese Ancestors refer to the Yellow Emperor (黃帝), Yan Emperor (炎帝), and Chi You (蚩尤). Their cultural legacy is known as the Three Great Chinese Ancestor Culture. They created the Chinese civilization that has survived intact for thousands of years up to the present day. The Yellow Emperor is worshipped as the earliest ancestor of humanity, and the Yan Emperor is respected as the progenitor of agriculture and medicine. Chi You is regarded as the pioneer of industry. Their time marked the beginning of Chinese clans. The uniting of the clans of the three great ancestors gradually led to a settled society and increasing ease throughout the world. This civilization contributed to world peace development by quenching fire, harmonizing the international relations and fusing different clan cultures. Chinese culture received its firm foundations during this era (some five thousand years distant from our own age) due to various key developments in the realms of politics, economics, calendars, astronomy, handicrafts, architecture, medicine, and education. Its main characteristics include:


1) Union of heaven and humanity

2) Harmony between human nature and Tao

3) The central importance of “filial piety”

4) The cultivation of inner virtues and external merits

5) Being just and impartial

6) Being humanistic and people-centered

7) Rectifying moral behaviors, benefiting the common people, enriching people’s lives


Three Great Chinese Ancestor Culture has enabled Chinese culture to maintain its unbroken history of more than five thousand years and to spread its cultural mores and values throughout the world at various periods in time. It has proved itself as a culture of goodness and peace.

Grand Master Huen-Yuan founded Weixin Shengjiao to promote Chinese culture, the Three Great Chinese Ancestors Culture, and the Bodhisattva Wang Chan Lao Zu Culture. Among them, the Three Great Chinese Ancestors Culture has been diffused since the time of the Yellow Emperor, enabling different tribes, races and cultures to integrate and allowing the Chinese clan to enhance and expand its culture. Its influence has echoed across the world and formed sophisticated bonds in terms of blood, geography, culture and psychology. It has a limitless and massive potential to influence and bring about the realization of future peace. Cultural diffusion inspired by the Three Great Chinese Ancestors Culture has spread Chinese agricultural and technological techniques worldwide and led to great strides in global agriculture and industry. More importantly, it has enhanced connections amongst clan groups, promoted communication between cultures, and initiated peace dialogues. British historian H.G. Wells, who maintained a professional and lifelong interest in Chinese history, once commented, “The graceful traditions of Chinese culture have intrinsic value. Violence cannot destroy them.” He also stated, “In the 21st century, Chinese culture will be promoted worldwide.” Another celebrated British historian, A.J. Toynbee, also indicated, “If this world wants peace, it should encourage Chinese culture.” Weixin Shengjiao shoulders the great responsibility of promoting Chinese culture.

Chinese culture and the Three Great Chinese Ancestor Culture share the quality of integration. These cultural traditions are oriented towards peace, harmonious relationships, and the union of heaven, the earth, and humanity. They work toward the achievement of true world peace. Continuous developments and dissemination of the Three Great Chinese Ancestor Culture have spread Confucianism worldwide. Confucianism is a component of peace culture. In the future, cultural communication will make regional peace culture global, fostering a universal utopia. S.P. Huntington estimated that the, “Chinese economy would become the world’s premier economy during the 21st century. Confucianism lies at the core of the Greater Chinese Co-Prosperity Sphere (大中華共榮圈). Although it is currently a regional concept, its core values are universally acknowledged. China has joined the world as one of its three most powerful and influential nations.” Another crucial contribution to world peace of this cultural diffusion is its initiation of peace dialogues addressing political, economical, and interpersonal issues aimed at promoting world peace and preventing multinational conflict.

Grand Master Huen-Yuan has led Weixin Shengjiao in Taiwan, from where he has promoted and disseminated Chinese culture for the past 28 years. He says, “Our school has its origins in the Kun-Lun civilization, and we promote the essence of Bodhisattva Wang Chan Lao Zu’s thought.” Kun-Lun civilization is the wellspring of the Three Great Chinese Ancestor Culture, which flourished 14,700 years ago. Its supreme contributions to human peace included the principles of architectural orientation, development of the calendar, confirming the proper location for residences, and the establishment of now time honored rituals. This was how heaven was opened and enlightened and how humanity became civilized. This era was one of unity between heaven and humanity and a period of social harmony and universal peace. Master Huen-Yuan is truly a man of wisdom and insight! His lifelong purpose is to promote and disseminate throughout the world the culture of China’s Three Great Chinese Ancestors and orthodox legacy of Yi-Ching and Feng Shui. His quest is to explain the meaning of life in the universe, determine proper individual life goals, transmit ancient wisdom, and gradually secure harmony for future generations. Consequently, Weixin Shengjiao’s tenets, i.e., raising and cultivating talented people, revitalizing people’s livelihood, conserving virtues, refining ambitions and creating universal harmony, adheres to the essence of cultural wisdom to enhance the spirit of Chinese culture. “Universal harmony” is, thus, its supreme goal.

Grand Master Huen-Yuan founded the “Taiwan Wei Xin Association for World Peace” (唯心世界和平促進會) on September 6th, 2009. At the founding ceremony, he delivered a speech entitled “Taiwan Wei Xin Association for World Peace and Its Developments”, which expounded on the fundamental relationship between promoting the Three Great Chinese Ancestor Culture, Yi-Ching and Feng Shui to the successful development and achievement of world peace. He emphasized, “Survival of all living creatures in heaven and on earth depends upon their mutual reconciliation and interaction. No one is independent of this unity. This has been a Truth for hundreds of thousands of years and will remain so far into the future.” He also stated, “The Dharmic origins of our belief spring from Yi-Ching and Feng Shui, Chinese legacies, in combination with Buddhism and Taoism. Dharma affords respect for humanity, illuminates human nature, cultivates Tao for the nation and prays for people. Its sincere message and ultimate goal is to realize world peace.” Since starting on his path 28 years ago, Master Huen-Yuan has mentored and trained 134 Dharma lecturers at Yi-Ching University, 28 abbots now working at various satellite centers, and thousands of disciples and talented individuals. He has encouraged and taught all to know and propagate the Three Great Chinese Ancestor culture and its legacies of Yi-Ching and Feng Shui both in Taiwan and throughout the world. His importance to world peace is wide-ranging, deep and profound.