I. Origin
II. Weixinism propagates Chinese culture and Yi-Ching.
1. Chinese culture is a culture of peace.
2. Yi-Ching is the study of peace.
3. Promotion of Weixinism is important to advancing world peace.
III. Grand Master Huen-Yuan leads Weixinism to develop world peace.
1. Expounding the ideologies of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, and peace. Enhancing inner spiritual radiance.
2. Spreading the seeds of Peace Culture by teaching and lecturing on the orthodox lineage of Chinese culture, Yi-Ching, and Feng Shui.
3. Using religious Dharma to promote universal balance and harmony - particularly between mankind and the transcendence.
4. Initiating TV channels and forums to propagate Dharma, educate on Peace Culture, and promote world peace.
5. Holding forums for cross-Strait cultural communication and dialogue between senior officials. Establishing platforms to enhance peace between Taiwan and Mainland China and amongst the nations of the world.
IV. Grand Master Huen-Yuan leads Weixinism to integrate different nations and ethnic groups.
1. Actively moving toward the source; Promoting Chinese culture; Encouraging ethnic solidarity.
(1) Rectify general misconceptions regarding the study of Yi-Ching and Feng Shui to establish correct ideas;
(2) Honor the contribution of the Three-Great-Chinese-ancestor culture to world peace;
(3) Build temples for the Three Great Chinese Ancestors, solidify the national union, and pray together for cross-Strait and worldwide peace.
(4) Spread Bodhisattva Wang Chan Lao Zu's (鬼谷子) Peace Culture to the world and expand world peace.
(5) Build the City of Eight Trigrams on Yun-Meng Mountain, integrate the differences within Chinese culture, and support the union of the Chinese people.
2. Initiating grand ceremonies of worship for Chinese ancestors and encouraging harmony between different nations and ethnic groups.
V. Conclusion
VI. References
Video of Promoter of world peace(partI)
Video of Promoter of world peace(partII)

1. Actively moving toward the source; Promoting Chinese culture; Encouraging ethnic solidarity.


Grand Master Huen-Yuan once declared, “Our school traces back to our origins. If we want world peace and harmony in the universe, we must know our roots.” Humankind must acknowledge its origins and show gratitude for the grace of its earliest ancestors. To this end, Grand Master Huen-Yuan has instructed his disciples since 2004 to pursue origins-related research. Research work includes:

(1) Trace the Chinese blood line, organize the genealogical chart for 15,615 family names, and list the 917 reign titles of all emperors of all historical Chinese dynasties.

(2) Trace the origin of the Chinese inheritance of Dharma. Trace the Chinese legacy back to the Kun-Lun (崑崙) and Fu-Xi (伏羲) civilizations that existed, respectively, some 14,000 and 7,800 years ago. Such permits cognizance of our history a further three thousand years in the past.

One result of our efforts was the discovery of the history of Fu-Xi, which originated the Yi-Ching and Eight Trigrams. This is the foundation of Grand Master Huen-Yuan’s conviction that, “Our school springs from the Kun-Lun civilization.” In addition to inheriting and continuing the Chinese legacies of Yi-Ching and Feng Shui, Weixin Shengjiao also researches the ancient Fu-Xi Civilization and its early sources and heritage, which include ancient Kun-Lun, the Three Great Chinese Ancestor Civilization and Bodhisattva Wang Chan Lao Zu Culture. He delivers discourses on these civilizations and renews their spirit through his life. He further uses the power of religion to promote Cross-Strait peace and reunite different ethnic groups. His efforts include: