I. Origin
II. Weixinism propagates Chinese culture and Yi-Ching.
1. Chinese culture is a culture of peace.
2. Yi-Ching is the study of peace.
3. Promotion of Weixinism is important to advancing world peace.
III. Grand Master Huen-Yuan leads Weixinism to develop world peace.
1. Expounding the ideologies of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, and peace. Enhancing inner spiritual radiance.
2. Spreading the seeds of Peace Culture by teaching and lecturing on the orthodox lineage of Chinese culture, Yi-Ching, and Feng Shui.
3. Using religious Dharma to promote universal balance and harmony - particularly between mankind and the transcendence.
4. Initiating TV channels and forums to propagate Dharma, educate on Peace Culture, and promote world peace.
5. Holding forums for cross-Strait cultural communication and dialogue between senior officials. Establishing platforms to enhance peace between Taiwan and Mainland China and amongst the nations of the world.
IV. Grand Master Huen-Yuan leads Weixinism to integrate different nations and ethnic groups.
1. Actively moving toward the source; Promoting Chinese culture; Encouraging ethnic solidarity.
(1) Rectify general misconceptions regarding the study of Yi-Ching and Feng Shui to establish correct ideas;
(2) Honor the contribution of the Three-Great-Chinese-ancestor culture to world peace;
(3) Build temples for the Three Great Chinese Ancestors, solidify the national union, and pray together for cross-Strait and worldwide peace.
(4) Spread Bodhisattva Wang Chan Lao Zu's (鬼谷子) Peace Culture to the world and expand world peace.
(5) Build the City of Eight Trigrams on Yun-Meng Mountain, integrate the differences within Chinese culture, and support the union of the Chinese people.
2. Initiating grand ceremonies of worship for Chinese ancestors and encouraging harmony between different nations and ethnic groups.
V. Conclusion
VI. References
Video of Promoter of world peace(partI)
Video of Promoter of world peace(partII)

Promoter of World Peace (Part I)

 Part II


The way to world peace lies in culture. Encouraging and propagating Peace Culture will help achieve true world peace. Our educational and religious activities initiate, transmit, and broadcast Peace Culture. Its vision embraces the world and its fulfillment is expected in the future. Peace Culture sees the past and seizes the present. It goes beyond time and space. It unites the universe, the earth and humanity.

Chinese culture is a culture of goodness (善性文化) and peace, the quintessence of which lies in Yi-Ching (易經). The study of Yi is the study of peace. It illustrates the harmonic key laws of the universe that govern heaven, the earth, humanity, deities, and all living creatures. All are harmonized at the level we call “Oneness” (Tao). “Oneness” is the balance and peace of everything and of universal harmony. It is aligned with time, space, heaven, the earth, humanity, and deities. It encompasses relations within each individual, between individuals, between humanity and their environment, between humanity and space-time, and between humanity and that beyond our mortal perception. The way of Tao is the way of harmony and balance, concordance, and universal world peace.

Weixin Shengjiao was created by Grand Master Huen-Yuan to propagate Chinese culture and its essence in the study of the Yi-Ching and Feng-Shui (易經風水學). His goal is the achievement of world peace. He has lived his commitment for the past 28 years through religion and education. “Shi Tao Tian Xin” - the heart-oriented practice – is a defining principal governing his life. Master Huen-Yuan explains the consistency of time and space, works to trace the origin of being, and respects deities and ancestors. He also encourages filial piety and illustrates the orthodox lineage of the Chinese culture, which is based on “Public,” “Action,” ”Benevolence,” ”Neutrality,” “Honesty”. With these, he spreads and develops Peace Culture, which combines with Chinese Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Zen, and ancient philosophies. Education and religion have been his vehicles for sharing Chinese culture, Peace Study, Yi-Ching and Feng Shui throughout the world. The influence and contribution of these four to world peace are immeasurable and boundless in both visible and invisible ways. They enhance and guide mankind along its evolutionary pathway. Mastery promises future enlightenment, with peace as its ultimate and lasting result.